Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blinded by the Light

Here's a song I wrote called "Blinded by the Light."
It's about the confusion that often follows a moment of clarity.
(Performed today at Columbine United Church)

Blinded By The Light
by Mark Foster

Last night I dreamt that I was trapped in a cave
The writing on the wall said that this would be my grave
If I did not find the exit
So I scratched and clawed and kicked until it cracked

Into the darkness came a sliver of light
And I tore the wall around it ‘til it rushed in so bright
That I had to shield my eyes
And I could see no more than when it had been black

But I woke this morning
And I looked out my blinds
There was nothing up ahead of me
And nothing behind
I’ve been blinded by the light
I’ve been blinded by the light

Last night I woke when I was lost in a dream
Sat beside my bed and then stepped into the stream
Of human consciousness
I felt connected to every other heart and mind

That brilliant light began to overwhelm
I fell to my knees asked God to take the helm
I closed my eyes to pray
And that silence and that darkness was divine

But I woke this morning 
And I lifted my shade
I saw seven billion monkeys
Marching in a parade
I’ve been blinded by the light
I’ve been blinded by the light

Blinded by the light

My wandering led me to a fork in the road
There was safety to my right if I could just crack the code
I gave them signs and tokens
But what they wanted was my money and my brain

Had to keep my head so I did not choose the right
I took the tunnel to my left and then I saw the light
And I ran ahead to meet it
When underneath I felt the rumblings of a train

I woke this morning,
And I hit rewind
And found the angel I’ve been following 
Was equally blind.

I’ve spent my whole life dreaming in black and white
Until the colors of the rainbow knocked me clean out of sight
I’ve been blinded by the light
I’ve been blinded by the light

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